Top 25 Benefits of Garden Cress Seeds (Halu Seeds).

25 benefits of Garden Cress Seeds (Halu Seeds)

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Garden Cress is an edible related to the family of mustard and is known for its peppery, tangy flavour,  aroma and lots of Health benefits. Garden Cress seeds are heaped with nutrients including iron, folate, Vitamin C, A, E, fibre and protein and many other broad spectrum health benefits.

The abundance of fibre in Garden Cress seeds is a potent laxative that helps in relieving the symptoms of constipation and indigestion. It can also be given to children and elders mixed with water to treat colic issues.

Major Health benefits:

1. Boost Immunity.

2. Minimize Asthma symptoms and improve Lungs function.

3. Bleeding Piles.

4. Enhance Memory.

5. Relieve Constipation.

6. Regularize Menstrual Cycle.

7. Improve digestion and helps to eject intestinal worms.

8. Treat Cold, Headaches,  Sore Throat and Cough.

9. Iron Deeficiency treatment and Boost Haemoglobin levels.

10. Helps to reduce weight naturally.

11. Culinary benefits.

12. Treat Sunburn,  Irritated Skin, Dry Skin and broken lips.

13. Repairs hair loss.

14. Milk production in women.

15. Improve and Boost Sexual desire and Libido and dry up pus formation in Boils and increase sperm count.

16. Gastrointestinal Treatments.

17. Colic Treatment.

18. Rich in Anti Oxident properties.

19. Rich in Vitamin C,  Vitamin A,  Iron, Fiber, Calcium, Protein,  Folate, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Beta Carotene.

20. Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral.

21. Help to treat Diabetes.

22. Strengthen Liver.

23. Help in Heart diseases.

24. Prevent Eye diseases.

25. Treat Bone diseases,  Rheumatism, Schiatica and teeth.

Side Effects:

1. Patients with Frequent Urination should be careful.

2. Not good for pregnant women.

3. Seduce Thyroid functions, can cause Hypo Thyroidism.

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